Ditching Instagram Linking Apps

There’s only one place to link to an outside page on Instagram. URLs posted directly in captions and comments don’t automatically link, so this leaves your page bio (hello #LinkInBio👆🏼).

This can be frustrating for a brand who puts out a lot of content on their website, Youtube channel and other sources. Apps which allow you to organize all your links on a single page seem like the only solution to this inconvenience, but is there a better way?

Why not use something you already own, like…

Your own website!

Use a singular page on your own (hopefully responsive) website to put link buttons to all your content. This way, you’ve got your branding and analytics in one place and you own it all. And, many of these apps charge extra for the advanced reporting features. But you’re already paying for your website, so use it as much as you can.

Watch the video below for two examples of these Instagram linking apps, but stick around until the end for a full tutorial on how to create your own links page and ditch those third party apps for good.

Emily Connolly